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Kasama landlord killer jailed

A PEASANT farmer of Musenga village in Chief Mwamba’s area in Kasama has been sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour by the Kasama High Court for causing the death of his 58-year-old landlord over a woman.
Ndola High Court judge Charles Chanda, sitting in Kasama, recently convicted and jailed Lawrence Chisanga, 46, for causing the death of Soyasi Simaundu.
Chisanga on May 10 last year in Kasama, unlawfully caused the death of Mr Simaundu.
He admitted the charge.
Passing the sentence, Mr Justice Chanda said it is unfortunate that Chisanga violently and mercilessly pounced on an old man who was already weak and suffering from tuberculosis.
“I wish to warn you from engaging in violent behaviour as a way of trying to cover up your misdeeds. Start taking responsibility of your actions and desist from being in the company of other people’s wives in the night as it is not your responsibility to entertain them.
“Let their husbands, however, old they may be, entertain their own wives because they are the ones who married them,” Mr Justice Chanda said.
He added: “This offence carries a maximum of life imprisonment but I do hereby sentence you to five years imprisonment with hard labour with effect from May 25, 2013, the date on which you were arrested,” Mr Justice Chanda said.
In mitigation through defence lawyer Japhet Zulu, Chisanga asked the court to be lenient on him because he was drunk when he caused Mr Simaundu’s death.
Facts before court were that on the fateful evening around 18:00 hours, Mr Simaundu was at home with his wife  when Chisanga went there to ask for some match sticks  to light a candle in his house.
Mr Simaundu’s wife could not locate the box of matches but that she later found it and decided to take it to Chisanga’s house.
The court heard that Mr Simaundu’s wife started drinking beer at Chisanga’s house while her husband was at home.
Chisanga and Mr Simaundu’s wife drank until late that night while her husband fell asleep.
The court heard that Mr Simaundu woke up around midnight and discovered that his wife had not returned home.
The court heard that Mr Simaundu went to check at Chisanga’s house and heard his wife’s voice inside.
The court heard that when Mr Simaundu entered Chisanga’s house, he found his wife half naked and Chisanga was on top of her.
The court heard that this angered Mr Simaundu and he accused Chisanga of trying to have sex with his wife.
The court heard that a quarrel ensued and Chisanga reached for a stick and hit Mr Simaundu on the head.
Mr Simaundu sustained a deep cut and fell.
He was rushed to Kasama General Hospital where he later died.