Kasama civic centre works stall

Fredrick Chisanga

THE construction of a civic centre in Kasama has stalled because of lack of building materials, while the contractor working on a bus station

shelter has moved from site.
Kasama mayor Fredrick Chisanga said the Kasama Municipal Council is procuring more building materials for the completion of works at the civic centre.
He said works at the civic centre have been slow due to lack of building materials, but hopes construction will be completed soon when the materials are procured.
“We expect the works to speed up because and all the materials will soon be made available,” Mr Chisanga said.
He said the local authority has also started a ‘Keep Kasama Clean’ campaign programme and has engaged institutions to spare a day in the week to clean their work places and surroundings.
Mr Chisanga said the business community and traders have also been advised to keep their trading places and their surroundings clean.
“We are doing this to ensure the face of Kasama is changed. We want to ensure there is timely collection of garbage, and that all trading places are kept clean,” he said.
And Mr Chisanga said major works on the bus station shelter have been done with only minor touch ups needed.
He, however, is disappointed that the contractor engaged by the Ministry of Local Government moved out of site.
“We hope the contractor returns quickly and finishes off the works because there are only a few things remaining for the project to be completed,” he said.

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