Letter to the Editor

Kariba accident devastating, avoidable

Dear editor,
THE demise of 25 people after the boat on which they were travelling capsized on Lake Kariba last week is a very sad development.
According to the police, the boat had the capacity to ferry 14 people but had 34 on board.
The horrific accident happened when the occupants were going to celebrate the golden jubilee on the other side of Lake Kariba.
A boy and a girl survived in the accident as they managed to swim and shouted for help.
The loss of such a large number of lives at a time Zambia is commemorating the golden jubilee is devastating.
The unfortunate incident could have been avoided if the correct number of people had boarded the boat.
During this period of mourning of our departed loved ones, we should pray for God’s strength.
This loss is indeed a very sad development, which was least expected, more especially that we were in a jovial mood celebrating the golden jubilee.
May God mend the broken hearts.

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