Karasa sets off ‘World War III’


REGGAE dancehall artiste Karasa has released his first single titled World War III which is off his sophomore album Pandemonium to be released in March or April next year.
Pandemonium is a follow-up on his debut titled Titan Revolution which he released in 2013.
Karasa says World War III is a dance song that talks about praising a girl and telling her to give people something that they do not expect.
The song was produced by Silent Erazer and it features Kapepa Riddim.
“After having a number of shows, I sat down with my brother Kapepa and said let’s give something to my die-hard fans, so we said we should give them something very aggressive,” he explains.
“I sat down for a long time thinking of a title because that’s how I write my songs, I think of a title first then that gives me direction. I thought World War I and II were old fashioned, so I thought of the future and thought of World War III.
“Whoever hears of that title doesn’t know what to expect because World War III hasn’t yet come and it may never come. Kapepa and I wrote the song first then we went around Lusaka to look for a producer who can do the best production according to our genre. We found Silent Erazer and we nailed the song.”
Karasa says he is working on the video which he is likely to release on Tuesday.
Karasa was set to release his second album last March but he had to change the release date after his launch was cancelled when South African dancer Zodwa was refused entrance.
“The fire that I mean is there was nothing playing on radio from the album, you don’t just release the album. That time I had better strategies but this time around I want people to feel the music and the jive so we’re building the fire,” he says.
“We’ve started with World War III, after this one, another jam will be dropped, then that’s when we can talk about the album. The album comes out when everything is ripe, albums that come out when things are not ripe are flops.”
He says he has been working on the 14-track Pandemonium album with DJ Mzenga Man for three years.
“I see a lot of weak music around which people count to be good because there’s nothing better. So World War III means we’re launching, I’ve got a crew called Empire Mess, there’s me, Kapepa, Yellowman and more but three of us run it,” he says.
“So we’re launching an offensive to bad, low quality or cheap reggae dancehall music that is playing.”
On the album, Karasa features Ruff Kaida, Petersen, Tommy D, Stevo, Chef 187 and the Empire Mess .It was produced by Silent Erazer, DJ Mzenga Man, Kekero, Shinko Beats, Shom C and Jerry D.
Karasa said this album is different from his first.
“Titan Revolution was more like an experiment, when you’re doing your first album, you’re not sure if people will like it or not, you don’t have the fan base yet,” he says.
“But now, I have the fan base and I know what my fans expect of me.
“I call this album count attack back to back open fire because it’s like a soldier who knows where the enemy is and how to go behind the enemy line. So the difference is Pandemonium is calculated, there’s nothing by the way.”

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