Kapwipwi, mushiyi trees get chief’s protection

A TRADITIONAL leader in North-Western Province has called on Government to arrest people cutting down local trees known as kapwipwi and mushiyi, which are also referred to as African diamond trees.
Currently, North-Western Province has natural forests that have valuable timber species such as the Zambezi teak, rosewood and mukwa.
These valuable species, which are used for various wood products, are on high demand on both local and international markets.
Senior Chief Kanongesha said there is need to preserve the trees adding that if well managed, they can bring more wealth to the country than copper.
He said the trees have many properties such as medicinal, shelter and food, if well managed.
Chief Kanongesha said Government must apply the same measure it is applying on the illegal cutting down of the mukula tree to other species such as kapwipwi and mushiyi, as people are indiscriminately cutting them.
He also commended Zesco for taking up the initiative to plant 10,000 trees in the province as it will help protect the forests.
Chief Kanongesha urged Government to work with chiefs in ensuring that nature is preserved.
“I hope all traditional leaders will ask their subjects to plant a tree. Here in North-Western Province, for instance, we have trees such as kapwipwi and mushiyi. These trees have functions used for medicinal purposes, among others, and they are greater than copper, a reason they are called African diamond,” he said.
On January 20, President Lungu flagged off the tree planting exercise under the theme ‘advancing the role of natural regeneration in forests restoration’.

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