Kaputa earth tremor victims receive help

Government has sent assorted foodstuffs and roofing sheets to Kaputa district in the Northern Province to distribute to households whose houses collapsed following the earthquake which hit the district last Friday.
Kaputa experienced an earth tremor between 02:30 hours and 02:35 hours with a number of houses collapsing.
District commissioner Mulenga Fube said in an interview from Kaputa that 15 households had been affected by the tremor.
Mr Fube said Government had sent enough foodstuffs and roofing sheets to distribute to the affected families.
“As you know, our district was hit by an earth tremor on Friday and of today (Tuesday), we are distributing the foodstuffs that Government has sent us to give to the affected families. We are also giving the affected families iron sheets to cover their houses,” he said.
Mr Fube said the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has also sent tents to the district to provide shelter to the affected families.

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