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Kapoko lover abandons ACC lawsuit


FOLLOWING the State’s disclosure of an impending arrest against her, incarcerated former Ministry of Health chief human resource development officer Henry Kapoko’s lover, Rudo Chitengu, has withdrawn a case in which she sued Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). Ms Chitengu will no longer purse a case she petitioned the Constitutional Court to order ACC to surrender her assets under its seizure. ACC held properties purportedly bought by Mr Kapoko, who at the time was being investigated over alleged money laundering-related charges, of which he was later convicted and jailed. Ms Chitengu applied that she withdraws the matter, which she plans to renew in the High Court. “The said application is hereby discontinued and abandoned,” Constitutional Court judge Mwila Chitabo ruled recently. In the petition, Ms Chitengu said in 2003, she was in a relationship with Kapoko and that in August 2007, they had a child. She said in 2009, when Kapoko was indicted for money laundering, her assets were frozen by the mere fact that she had a child with Kapoko, who is serving a jail term for corruption involving over K12 million. Ms Chitengu wanted CLICK TO READ MORE

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