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LUNCHU bridge is in a deplorable condition with villagers fearing the worst. PICTURE: CHAMBO NG’UNI

Kapiri’s Lunchu cries for new bridge

TO paraphrase Irish poet W. B. Yeat’s line in his poem The Second Coming, the centre is struggling to hold in Lunchu, Kapiri Mposhi.
Kapiri Mposhi, whose only major claim to fame is the Tanzania-Zambia Railway line, is known as a transit town. Within Kapiri Mposhi is Lunchu Ward, divided into Lunchu A and Lunchu B. But there is genuine fear that the two will be cut off from each other – the bridge connecting the two is in a deplorable state.
To get access to Lunchu Clinic, Lunchu Primary School and the main market which are all located in Lunchu B, villagers of Lunchu A have to cross the partially collapsed bridge on Lunchu road.
The bridge, which is about 30 metres long across the Lunchu river that links the two areas, is just holding by the thread having collapsed on one section.