Kapiri maize production impresses DC

KAPIRI Mposhi district commissioner Peter Mwiinde is happy that the region has this year emerged the second highest producer of maize in the country after

Lundazi in Eastern Province.
Mr Mwiinde commended both commercial and small-scale farmers in Kapiri Mposhi for the bumper maize production.
“I can confirm that we are number one in Central Province and in the country we are number two after Lundazi,” Mr Mwiinde said.
Speaking in an interview on Thursday, Mr Mwiinde said the 2017 crop forecast indicates that Kapiri Mposhi has produced 212,500 metric tonnes of white maize.
Mr Mwiinde attributed the increase in production of maize to favourable agricultural policies and programmes, and the commitment by both commercial and small-scale farmers.
He said President Lungu is ensuring that Government creates a favourable environment for farmers to operate in.
He said Kapiri Mposhi does not have storage space for the crop as a result of increased maize production.
“There is a lot of maize here and storage facilities are not enough because we have excess maize,” Mr Mwiinde said.
He urged farmers in Kapiri Mposhi to double their efforts and increase the land under cultivation to increase production.
“I want Kapiri Mposhi to feed the whole country. If we recorded an increase in production of maize, then we should even do much better next so that Kapiri Mposhi feeds the whole Zambia,” Mr Mwiinde said.
He urged farmers not to get carried away and sell all their produce to commercial buyers.
Mr Mwiinde implored farmers to also work towards promoting household food security to avoid hunger.
Mr Mwiinde also said farmers should start preparations for the 2017/2018 farming season and take advantage of the electronic voucher (e-voucher) system under the Farmer Input Support Programme.
Mr Mwiinde said Government has made efforts to improve the e-voucher so that farmers are not experiencing challenges in accessing farming inputs.
Government is focusing on 3.6 million metric tonnes of maize from last farming season while the Food Reseve Agency will only buy 500,000 metric tonnes.

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