Kapiri glass vending stands test of time

JACK MWEWA, Kapiri Mposhi
TWENTY two years after Kapiri Glass Products (KGP) was closed following the then government privitisation policy in 1995, vendors continue to trade in glass products across the defunct factory.
Trade in glass products around the Kapiri-Ndola roadside was necessitated by the understanding that merchandises of that nature sold cheaply considering that they were pegged at wholesale price.
One might wonder why such products continue to be sold at the same spot with visible non-functioning plant with over-grown grass standing lifeless.
Derrick Kalunga, who has been trading at the same spot for over two decades now, said he has continued to sell glass products riding on the goodwill of both local and international travellers.
“It is true that business has continued despite the closure of the plant. We normally sell to travellers, both local and international ones who have continued to give us business,” he said.
Mr Kalunga said in order to maintain business and customers, he decided to start ordering mug cup glasses from Lusaka, some of it imported from China, which he displays at the traditional spot in Kapiri Mposhi.
He said that some travellers have not noticed the difference between now and when KGP operated back in the days.
“The same notion that this trade spot it being close to the plant, glass mug cups and CLICK TO READ MORE

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