Kapata targets K10m for women


THE ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is targeting to raise over K10 million to empower women co-operatives across the country.
PF chairperson for women Jean Kapata said the PF would soon embark on fundraising ventures to gather funds for empowerment project.

Ms Kapata, who was recently appointed to the position by President Lungu, said her priority is to ensure women, especially those in remote areas, are empowered with income-generating ventures to sustain their livelihoods.

“We have lined up a number of fundraising activities from golf tournaments to dinners. We will invite President Lungu to some of the events and our target is to raise K10 million,” she said.
Ms Kapata, who is also Minister of Lands, said in an interview that her strategy is to embrace and work with all women in all the districts.
She said the ruling party has prioritised the empowerment of women as they are pillars at household and national level.
“When you empower a woman, then you are rest assured children will go to school, the household will be safe and secured,” she said.
Ms Kapata said the party will not impose projects on the women’s co-operatives but will enable them initiate their own.
She added that the party will also work with the Ministry of Gender to train the women in entrepreneurship.
“It is one thing to dash out money and to see it utilised effectively. So, it is our plan to ensure the women have knowledge on how to carry out business,” she said.
Ms Kapata has since implored women to support her in her new role as she means well for them.
She said there is need for women to be steadfast and unite to foster development in the country.


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