Kapata mocks Kamondo over grey suit


MINISTER of Lands Jean Kapata caused laughter in the House on Tuesday after she raised a point of order questioning why UPND’s Mufumbwe member of Parliament (MP) Eliot Kamondo wore a grey suit instead of black, as the

party vowed to do so until the release of their incarcerated leader Hakainde Hichilema.
Ms Kapata could not hold herself from raising the point of order a few minutes after Mr Kamondo walked into the House.
“Mr Speaker, is the Mufumbwe MP in order to come to this honourable House in a grey suit when his party declared a mourning period until their leader is released? The mourning period includes being in black attire until it is over,” she said.
But Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini, who also laughing along with the MPs, said Ms Kapata’s point of order was a difficult one.
Dr Matibini concluded the matter by jokingly saying he will consider the point of order over a cup of tea.

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