Kaoma gets 3 bridges

THE World Bank has released US$150,000 for the construction of three bridges in Kaoma district under the Climate Change Resilience Programme (CCRP).
Mangango Constituency Member of Parliament Mwene Naluwa said so far, construction of the Kamanisha bridge has been completed at a total cost of K128,000.
“Forty percent works have so far been completed for the Lishabasha bridge, which will cost about K117,000. Another one is the Lwambuwa bridge, which is expected to gobble K456,000; it is longer than the rest and will be the last one,” he said.
Mr Naluwa said in an interview yesterday that the bridges will help pupils in some villages attend school, especially during the rainy season when the rivers fill up.
He added that other communities were unable to access health services because their villages are cut off due to high water levels in the rivers.


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