Kanono Kadogo celebrated

KADOGO on the left.

GREEN Labels Band, Mozegetar, Chiko Chali, Maheba Chali, Air Power Band and the Amayenge are among the musicians who turned up at the Lusaka Playhouse on Thursday for Kanono Kadogo’s artistic send-off.
Just like in life, Kanono Kadogo [born Emmanuel Kayezhi] managed to pull a crowd with him. Residents of Matero, where he was residing, turned up in hordes at the Lusaka Playhouse, his final send-off.
Amayenge Asoza have experienced tragedy before in their ranks having lost band leader Chris Chali in 2003 and two other members in the last few years, but even with that, the death of dancer and singer Kanono Kadogo is one proving difficult to comprehend.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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