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Kankoyo: Unpolished gem

A MATERNITY wing at Butondo clinic in Kankoyo constituency in Mufulira which was built at a cost of K360,000 using the Constituency Development Fund. MELODY MUPETA

KANKOYO Constituency is an urban constituency yearning for more development beyond 2016 despite enjoying unprecedented infrastructure development in the last four years.
Like the other two constituencies in Mufulira district namely Kantanshi and Mufulira, Kankoyo gave the PF resounding victories at presidential, parliamentary and local government elections in the 2011 general elections.
Levy Chabala is the area Member of Parliament (MP). The population of Kankoyo constituency stands at 45,258 as captured by the Central Statistical Office (CSO) during the 2010 census.
The main source of livelihood for residents of Kankoyo is mining with most of them employed by Mopani Copper Mines (MCM).
Trading, money lending (kaloba) and charcoal production are some of the activities that residents of Kankoyo survive on.
Part of the population has also been employed by Kankoyo Breweries.
“This constituency has low investment levels because a lot still needs to be done,” said Zulani Mbewe, a professional assistant, manning Kankoyo constituency office.
The constituency, which lies on the north-western part of Mufulira district on the Copperbelt, has eight wards namely John Kampengele, Fibusa, Buntungwa, Kangwa Nsuluka, Luansobe, Butondo, Kwacha and Mpelembe.
Kankoyo constituency had 16,284 registered voters by the year 2010 but the number has since increased following the voter registration exercise conducted by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) last year.
Copperbelt Province is known for mining activities and Kankoyo constituency is not an exception.
The mining sector has been the economic backbone of the constituency for a long time with MCM being the major employer.
The economic challenges that have affected the mining sector have, however, not spared the people of Kankoyo.
Mr Mbewe said Kankoyo residents are the major beneficiaries of MCM’s investment, the only mine in the constituency.
The constituency has benefited from various corporate social responsibility programmes that include the rehabilitation of Kankoyo police post and the construction of three class rooms at Wynter Muleya Primary School.
However, mining activities in the area have had an adverse impact on the health of Kankoyo residents through pollution of air and the environment.
With uncertainties surrounding the viability of the mining sector in the country, the people of Kankoyo have embraced agriculture and more are being encouraged by Government and civic leaders to venture into the sector.
Those involved in this sector are into livestock farming whose market is available in Luansobe ward with the main livestock being goats, pigs, poultry, pigeon and guinea fowls.
Maize, sweet potatoes and cassava are the main crops grown in the area and farmers sell their produce at Kwacha and Butondo markets within the constituency.
The constituency has eight primary schools, three secondary schools and a number of private and community schools.
The secondary schools are Butondo, Chankwa and Tangata while the primary schools are Butondo, Chibolya, Kankoyo, Luansobe, Mankole, Wynter Muleya, Wampani and Mine.
“Our constituency needs more secondary schools because the ratio of primary to secondary schools does not match. There are more primary schools as compared to secondary schools,” said Nancy Mwila, a Grade 10 pupil at Butondo Secondary School.
There is no hospital in Kankoyo constituency but the area has five clinics that include Chibolya, Butondo, Clinic seven, Clinic five and Luansobe.
Residents in the constituency are threatened by disease due to vandalised sewer and water pipes.
While the objective of the water and sanitation sector is to provide safe and clean water and good sanitation to the people, most areas in the constituency have poor water and sewer systems due to damaged pipes.
Ms Josephine Malama said acts of vandalism are rampant in the area.
“The poor water and sewer system are due to some unscrupulous people who vandalise the infrastructure,” Ms Malama said.
Kankoyo constituency has poor road infrastructure with kwame Nkruma and Nalikwanda roads being the only ones that have been worked on since 2011 when PF came into power.
Mr Mbewe said the poor road infrastructure needs attention when the C-400 road project to be undertaken in all districts on the Copperbelt hits the ground running next month end.
Kankoyo, however, has its own share of infrastructure development under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).
A wall fence has been erected at Luansobe Primary School, a mothers’s shelter has also been built at Luansobe clinic and a bridge named Luansobe footbridge has been put up across Luansobe River in Luansobe ward.
The other wards have not been left out with a maternity block constructed at Butondo clinic with Chibolya police post constructed in Butondo ward.
The rest of the projects include construction of an ablution block at Kankoyo Primary School and rehabilitation of Kwacha market.
Kankoyo has two police stations namely Kantanshi and Butondo as well as two police posts and one police mobile unit.
“The fact that I am a taxi driver makes me feel relieved of any fear of driving at night because I am assured of security because of the availability of the police mobile unit,” said Joseph Chama, a taxi driver.
With the general elections around the corner, Mr Mbewe, the professional assistant, said the people of Kankoyo are geared to give President Lungu and the ruling party another five-year mandate to continue presiding over the country’s national affairs.
And the area MP said the constituency lagged behind before the PF came into power four years ago.
Mr Chabala said as MP he has worked hard to ensure the constituency benefited from the PF’s robust developmental programmes to pay back for the support the people of Kankoyo gave the ruling part in the 2011 general elections.
“Government has been able to construct a maternity wing at Butondo clinic at the cost of K360,000 and ablution block at Winter Muleya Primary School at the cost of K180,000 to mention a few. There is a lot this government has done,” Mr Chabala said.
On roads, the constituency was awarded 20.5 kilometres but only three kilometres of roads have been worked on from the allocation.
Mr Chabala is hopeful that the remainder will be done under the c-400 road projects starting next month.
He said Butondo roads need to be done as it has a lot of economic benefits.
“The late President Sata had plans to build the road from Butondo to Chililabombwe. It is our desire to have it done,” Mr Chabala said.
He said new water pipes have been installed in selected parts of the constituency with the help of Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company.
Current MP: Levy Chabala
Past MPs:
Jack Kopolo (UNIP) (1978-1991)
Kangwa Nsuluka (MMD) (1991-1996)
Ireen Chisala (MMD) (1996-2001)
Fidelis Chisala (MMD) (2001-2005)
Emmanuel Sandi (MMD) (2005-2006)
Percy Chanda (PF) (2006-2011)

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