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Kanja women appeal for water pump

Solar Milling Plant.

WOMEN in Kanja area in Sioma district have appealed to well-wishers to help them with a water pump and hammermill so that they can farm all year round and process the maize from their yields easily.

Speaking in an interview in Sioma recently, Farmers Field School chairperson Mibelo Kalaluka said the women walk long distances to access a hammermill to grind maize into mealie-meal and samp.
“We are currently having favourable yields from our conservation farming project initiated by the World Wild for nature [WWF] through which we have received training in integrated conservation farming,” she said.
Mrs Kalaluka said a hammermill, which uses solar power, would be very ideal as the organisation would use it to earn some income from residents of other villages.
“We have villages located even further from our village and the residents there walk even longer distances to get to the village which has a hammermill,” she said.
Mrs Kalaluka also appealed to well-wishers to help the organisation install a water pump so that residents can grow produce throughout the year instead of depending on the rainy season.
The organisation, formed in 2015, has a membership of 32 women all from Kanja area in Sioma district, Western Province.
The women formed the organisation after starting the integrated conservation farming system launched by WWF to help rural farmers get more yield from their land while at the same time countering effects of climate change.
And Sioma member of Parliament Mbololwa Subulwa said the help rendered to farmers in the region has greatly improved yields.
She was speaking after conducting a tour of the WWF project in the company of the Zambian Parliamentary Conservation Caucus.
“The help you are giving my people on improved farming practices has so far been good,” she said.
She said the reports obtained during the field tour were amazing and hoped that more farmers would adopt the farming method.
“It is also the best in that it is more friendly to suit our ecosystem thereby reducing effects of climate change,” she said.


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