Kanchibiya in palm tree bonanza

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu planting a palm tree during the launch of Zampalm out-grower scheme in Kanchibiya District. PICTURE: CHARLES BANDA/ZANIS

ON FEBRUARY 14, 2019 President Lungu temporarily switched roles from a head of State to a field labourer.
He planted a young oil palm tree in Kanchibiya district, Muchinga Province, to launch the life-changing Zampalm Limited Outgrower Scheme at the company’s multi-million-dollar oil palm tree plantation in Senior Chief Kopa’s chiefdom.
Zampalm Limited is owned by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), which acquired a 90 percent stake in the company from Zambeef Products Plc last year.
Over 5,000 local people are expected to benefit from the project once it is fully implemented, promising the young district an elevated economic status and drastically reduced household level poverty http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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