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Kampyongo’s call for immigration officers to be professional spot on

Dear editor,
FOLLOWING the story in Daily Mail on April 12, 2019 on Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo on his diligent advice to newly recruited immigration officers, I am prompted to tip you on a matter that has perplexed me in the immigration offices system.
In April 2017, I read in the Daily Mail about the divorce of a Liberian who was married to a Zambian woman. I personally know that couple because we live in the same neighbourhood – Garden Park.
It is also not a secret that the man in question married a Zambian woman to enable him to stay in the country. Now that their marriage was dissolved, I am wondering why immigration keeps awarding him with spouse permits.
I suspect he is paying the officers because the law is clear that the visa can only hold in a marriage.
I therefore applaud the minister for asking our fellow servicemen and women to execute their duties with integrity and diligence because the more we allow foreign nationals to bribe our officers, the more porous our national security will become.
I urge the immigration office to follow the case above, which should be a lesson for all the foreign nationals who choose to marry for the sake of a free stay in the country, and when everything is granted at the immigration office, they dump our sisters like hot potatoes. Thanking you for your continued great service to the nation for a platform of analytical articles.

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