Kampyongo spells out anti-crime approach

STEPHEN Kampyongo - Minister of Home Affairs.

GOVERNMENT has warned Zambians harbouring foreign criminals that they will be dealt with because police are embarking on a

massive clean-up of the Copperbelt Province following the shooting of two police officers by criminals in Ndola.
Speaking in an interview after the burial of inspector Francis Kunda, 49, and Bernard Chilubula, 48, on Friday, Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo said members of the public should help the police with information on the whereabouts of criminals.
“All I am asking from you, the members of the public, is support in appreciating the services that you are given by your servants and making sure that you give them the information because some of the criminals live amongst you,” Mr Kampyongo said.
He warned that those hosting criminals will be arrested.
Mr Kampyongo said members of the community should work with the police for operations to be effective.
He said Government is concerned about their welfare and that police officers should be urgently better-equipped for them to execute their work effectively.
“We know that shelter for police officers has not been attended to in many years.
“We are doing everything possible to ensure that they live like dignified men and women in uniform,’’ he said.
He said Government is also looking into empowering the officers logistically to effectively carry out their works.
“We need a quiet Copperbelt. This should be the last time I have come to witness this kind of event,” he said.

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