‘Kambwili should stop telling lies’


THE Patriotic Front (PF) in Southern Province has warned Roan member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili against spreading falsehoods that President

Lungu hates people of that province.
The party has also described Mr Kambwili’s recent visit to the province to apologise for the tribal remarks he made against them as “cosmetic kicks of a dying horse”.
PF provincial secretary Moses Ngosa said in a statement on Wednesday that it is unusual for Mr Kambwili to suggest that President Lungu has no heart for people in the province when the unprecedented number of projects initiated by him in the province are there for all to see.
“We find that behaviour very unusual and not befitting Hon Kambwili’s calibre. President Lungu has wholeheartedly proved to Southern Province that it is at his heart by the number of projects Government has embarked on in the past and present,” he said.
Mr Ngosa said Mr Kambwili should also remember that President Lungu was recently in the province to inspect a number of projects which included the commissioning of road works in Itezhi Tezhi and Dundumwezi.
Mr Ngosa said President Lungu has also promised to visit Namuswa ward in Choma where the PF has a councillor and wonders if the gesture is a symbol of hate.
“Honourable Kambwili should therefore be truthful and stop deceiving the people here by trying to paint the President black. We also want to remind him that President Lungu never became President by telling lies but by telling people the truth. He can’t fool the people with his fake apology because even a small child knows that his apology over his tribal remarks was cosmetic,” he said.
Mr Ngosa urged people in the province to ignore Mr Kambwili’s claims as President Lungu is committed to developing the province.
“The desperation and hunger for presidency from Honourable Kambwili is a danger to democracy and we offer him this free advice to tone down. Let Mr Kambwili concentrate on building his dented image in Southern Province intsead of painting President Lungu black,” he said.

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