Kamba happy with PF growth

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Lusaka Province youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba is happy with the pace at which the party is growing in Lusaka.
Mr Kamba said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday it is encouraging to see that the part is growing bigger every day in the province because it has become more attractive than before.
He said the party’s growing popularity can be seen from the big numbers of members that are defecting from opposition political parties to join the ruling party.
He said people are joining the ruling party because of its good policies and the infrastructure development the Government is implementing.
“We are happy that we are receiving so many defectors from other political parties. The people, especially in Lusaka Province are happy about what the PF government is doing in the area.
“They are seeing massive development projects such as the construction of roads, clinics and many other development projects taking place since the PF Government assumed office in 2011,” Mr Kamba said.
He cited the reversing of electricity tariffs to the old ones, as some of the bold decisions that the people in the province have come to appreciate about by the Government.
Mr Kamba urged PF members to join in mobilisation, so that the party can win this year’s tripartite elections with a landslide victory.
He also urged all political leaders to start preaching peace, as the country heads for the polls.
Mr Kamba said all political players should at all times send out messages that will unite Zambia as opposed to divisive statements at the expense of national development.
He also called on all leaders of political parties to refrain from engaging in tribal politics as this has potential to divide the nation.

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