Kamanga warns against nepotism

ELIAS Kamanga.

COPPERBELT permanent secretary Elias Kamanga has advised heads of government department in the province not to abuse the powers they will be given in the management of staff under the decentralisation policy to promote nepotism in the civil service.
Mr Kamanga said the Civil Service Commission (CSC) would devolve the function of staff management to provinces to expedite the handling of staff-related matters.
He said once the function was devolved, heads of department would now be able to recruit, promote and transfer staff in their respective areas of operations.
“Let’s not abuse this authority which will be given to us to handle the management of staff to promote nepotism. We should not have a situation where the head of a government department is a Chisulo, the secretary is also a Chisulo including the messenger,” Mr Kamanga said.
He was speaking in Kitwe yesterday when he met town clerks, district council secretaries and district administrative officers from various districts on the Copperbelt to discuss the decentralisation policy.
Mr Kamanga said Government was in a hurry to develop the country, hence its decision to devolve some of its functions to give power to the people at the grassroots.
He urged officers from the central government who have been transferred to the local government to perform the devolved functions under the policy that their conditions of service were secured.
He said some councils had faced resistance from the civil servants.
Mr Kamanga said the civil servants working under local government were still on government payroll but merely performing the devolved functions under the policy.
He said President Lungu, through the decentralisation policy, wanted to adopt a bottom-upward approach to development, which was inclusive.

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