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Kalu commends administrators


FOOTBALL Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Kalusha Bwalya (above) has praised football administrators for making the Super Division one of the most competitive on the continent.
Kalusha said in an interview that Zambian football has become one of the most competitive and it is poised to grow even bigger.
He said Zambia is the envy of the continent because of the fast rate at which football is developing.
He hailed football administrators for their role in ensuring Zambian football continues to improve.
“When we meet with our friends from other African countries, they ask what magic we have done. Our league has become competitive and we have a lot of fans going to stadiums to watch football. This is not the case with many countries,” he said.
Kalusha said the development is partly due to the policies that the association has put in place.
He also hailed SuperSport and MTN Zambia for their dedication to the development of football.
“When we came into power in 2008, we drew a deliberate programme aimed at developing our game. We have seen that the under-17 girls were able to qualify for Costa Rica World Cup. Our senior women team qualified for Namibia Africa Cup for the first time also.
“I think we are on the right track and we should expect our football to grow even further,” he said.
Kalusha’s dream is for Zambia to qualify for the World Cup before he leaves office.

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