Kalikiliki: Forgotten township?

LAWRENCE Njobvu, nicknamed ‘Mfumu’, repairs bicycles in Kalikiliki and offers free counsel to residents.

KALIKILIKI is one of those townships that feel almost forgotten. Perhaps its location away from major routes makes it one of the lesser-known Lusaka townships but one that has existed since the immediate post-independence era.
While I am still trying to find out what the age of Elida Tembo is, her grown daughter finds me seated on their veranda and assists me by telling me she is 80 years old.
Mrs Tembo emerges from her house with a dusty handbag and says she is tired of looking for her national registration card.
Irritated, she takes her seat on the veranda’s floor and continues cutting vegetables by chopping them in her hand and allowing them to drop into a dish in front of her.
Her daughter, Margaret Tembo, 56, informs me that the family arrived in Kalikiliki in 1969 and settled close to where the Kalikiliki police post presently lies. It was over there that the township was first situated.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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