Kaladoshas back in studio


SINGER Kaladoshas is in the studio working on his second album titled “Kissing the Music” which he says is inspired by love.
The 12-track album is set to be released in June.
“My soon-to-come album is called ‘Kissing the Music’. It’s talking about being intimate with music, being very creative and releasing an album which has rich content,” Kaladoshas, whose real name is Kalale Masengu, says. “It’s something that people can connect to, the music there is very soulful, emotional.”
Kaladoshas started working on the album in October last year and in January this year released the first single titled “Tenga”.
The album is being produced by Kekero, Shinko Beats and Magician. On the album, he is featuring Israel, Kekero and Salma Sky.
“I’m working with the three artistes because of the musical chemistry and Israel is a legend I’ve always wanted to work with,” he says. “Salma Sky as well [is a] very beautiful talent. Kekero is my producer, we always write songs together and we had a song that we wanted to do together.”
Kaladoshas says he will release another single next month tilted “Wikaleka Inkebe” and hopes to release another one before the album is out.
“The album is 80 percent done and I’m not really sure which songs will be on the album but ‘Tenga’ will be there, the music that will be on the album is just Zambian music,” he says.
“What will be different about this album is that there’s a lot of growth, soundwise there’s maturity, it’s richer. It’s the richest music I’ve put out. I dropped the ‘Tenga’ video, it’s playing on Trace Africa, it’s actually on the Africa top 10 and we’ll be dropping the ‘Wikaleka Inkebe’ video as well and more videos.”

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