Kalaba calls for speedy construction of projects


BAHATI member of Parliament (MP) Harry Kalaba has urged speedy construction of a rural health centre in Chibinda in  Mansa.
Speaking when he toured the area, Mr Kalaba who is Minister of Foreign Affairs, called on the people in his constituency to work hard and ensure that the rural health post is completed on time.
He commended the local people for the commitment and work so far done in the construction of the rural health post in the area.
Speaking during a check of developmental projects in his constituency, Mr Kalaba prodded community members to sacrifice their time towards the construction of the health post.
Seventy five percent of the Chibinda health post is funded by Government through the Community Development Fund (CDF), while the locals are contributing 25 percent by making blocks and providing labour for construction.
To kick-start the project, Mr Kalaba bailed out the local community by donating 40 iron sheets and K5,000 for molding blocks.
He told Chibinda residents that since he took responsibility of the community’s 25 percent quota, they should upscale their efforts in the implementation of the project.
And giving a report on the project, building committee chairperson Wilbroad Chikumbi, commended the MP for his unwavering support and commitment to the people of Chibinda.
Mr Chikumbi also thanked Government and President Lungu for the commitment in taking health services closer to the people.
Mr Kalaba is also happy with the progress made by the locals in the construction of a health facility in Chamfula.
Chamfula project chairperson Matilda Chakulya told the Minister that they want the health post to be opened to the public by November 2015.
“As you can see, we have already roofed our clinic and we are now molding blocks for the construction of a house to accommodate the nurse who will be working here.  So far, there are over 2,500 blocks already molded.” said Ms Chakulya.
Earlier, Mr Kalaba visited Lunda community where the construction of another rural health post is at slab level.

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