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PART of the houses in the camp. PICTURE: SHABBY MULOPWE/ZANIS

Kala Marine Barracks: Complete town

IT HAS been dubbed a legacy barrack and a shining example of world-class quality standard because of the many ultra-modern facilities built at the military compound.
Unlike other barracks dotted in various parts of the country, the newly commissioned 48 Marine Unit at Kala in Kawambwa has 17 high, 374 medium and 320 low cost houses,164 single quarters, a secondary, primary and two nursery schools.
Other infrastructure include a hospital, chapel, recreational facilities such as a sports hall, swimming pool, football pitches and sport courts, quarter-master complex and mechanical transport yard, as well as auxiliary structures necessary for the smooth and efficient functioning of a barrack.
In addition, the scope of work done by Ashtrom BV of Israel at the facility includes building of a road network, water and sewer reticulation systems.
Further, all common user and support facilities have been equipped and furnished as part of the contract.