Kagem succeeds on its first high-quality emeralds

FROM LEFT: Jewel of Africa directors Rashmi and Rajnish Sharma help Gübelin Gem Lab head of development Klemens Link to apply the nano-technology to their Kagem emeralds, watched by Gemfields chief executive officer Sean Gilbertson. PICTURE: LANGMEAD & BAKER

KAGEM Mining has successfully sold the first high-quality emeralds to a local buyer at its auction recently, consolidating Zambia’s stance as one of the world’s leading centres for gem.

During the 26th auction, leading Lusaka-based jewellery manufacturer and retailer Jewel of Africa successfully bid for a parcel of gemstones for an undisclosed price.

This was an auction held since Kagem began a formal auction process in 2009.
According to a statement issued by Langmead & Baker Limited yesterday, the landmark purchase by the Zambian family-owned jewellers managed by brother-and-sister partnership of

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