Letter to the Editor

Kafue-Mazabuka potholes a danger

Dear editor,
THE potholes on the Lusaka-Livingstone Road, between Turn Pike and Mazabuka, pose a grave danger to the lives of motorists, especially those using small cars.

Those life-threatening ‘ditches’ on that stretch of the road should be mended before the onset of the rainy season.
Government, through the agencies concerned – National Road Fund Agency and the Road Development Agency – should be seen to be active in protecting its citizens, who are the taxpayers, and others using our roads by immediately repairing them at the time when there are signs of wear and tear.
But the extent to which the road in that part of Southern Province has deteriorated makes one think and worry about how the concerned authorities are safeguarding lives of road users.
If repairing the ‘gullies’ on that road and others that need attention throughout the country can be done now, before the onset of the rains, then we shall prove ourselves as a well-organised country.
We should be proactive, especially where human life is concerned, for the sake of national development.

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