Kabwe farmers to be paid soon

KABWE district commissioner Patrick Chishala has assured that farmers who supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) will soon be paid.
Mr Chishala said farmers in Kabwe are owed K7.4 million by FRA and Government is making efforts to clear the outstanding debt.
He said  in an interview that  Government allocated K11,748, 370 to FRA to pay farmers in Kabwe and out of this amount,  K4,312,560 has been paid out leaving a balance of K7,435,810.
“We should be able to clear the outstanding amount by the end of this month. FRA has been consistent in paying the farmers and this is why I am saying by the end of November,  we should be able to settle the debt,” Mr Chishala said
He said FRA this year bought K160,691  bags of maize from farmers in Kabwe and this  is above the initial target of 78, 000 bags.
“This is  clear testimony that this is a bumper harvest and people should not doubt when Government says we have a bumper harvest because previously , FRA used to buy 28,000 by 50kilogramme bags of maize in Kabwe,” Mr Chishala said.
He also assured that Kabwe has adequate grain storage facilities to safeguard maize this rainy season.
Meanwhile, Government has allocated 56,600 bags of compound D fertilizer to Kabwe under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) for this year’s farming season and the same quantity for Urea.
Mr Chishala said 28,400 farmers are expected to benefit from FISP.

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