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Kabwe candidates embrace peace

TWO parliamentary candidates for the Kabwe Central constituency seat have urged the people in the area to remain peaceful and turn up in large numbers to vote in Thursday’s general elections.
Patriotic Front (PF)’s Tutwa Ngulube and Macdonald Mwamba of the Untied Party for National Development (UPND) said in separate interviews yesterday that elections come and go and, therefore, everyone should uphold peace.
Mr Ngulube said peace is important for unity in the country and for any meaningful development to take place.
“We (PF) have maintained peace and our cadres have behaved well, and we continue urging them to be peaceful,” Mr Ngulube said.
And Mr Mwamba, on the other hand, said people in Kabwe should realise that after elections, life will go back to normal, and, therefore, everyone must prioritise peace.
“My message to the people is that let’s have peaceful elections because at the end of the day we will all remain people of Kabwe,” Mr Mwamba said.