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Kabwata resident fined K10,000 for ‘damage’

A 25-YEAR-OLD man of Kabwata has been fined K10,000 by the Chilenje Local Court for virginity damage.
This was in a case in which Laurence Lombe was sued by Lillian Kangwa for impregnating her 21-year-old sister-in-law, Ruth Kampamba.
Kangwa told senior court magistrate George Kaoma that by the time Lombe engaged Kampamba, she was already pregnant.
“Little did we not know that Kampamba was already pregnant the time Lombe was engaging her,” she said.
Kangwa, however, expressed displeasure with Lombe who rescinded his plan of marrying Kampamba after ruining her future by impregnating her.
Kangwa said Lombe also alleged that the child he has with Kampamba was not his adding, he does not support the child.
But in his defence, Lombe said he has never denied responsibility of his child.
“My sister is the one who told Kangwa that I was too young to impregnate a girl. My sister is just too talkative,” he said.
Lombe said he will continue supporting his child, adding he had stopped doing so because he was not in employment.
And Kampamba, of Lusaka West, told the court that Lombe has not been supporting his child. “He has only bought the child a baby blanket, 10 napkins and a suitcase,” she said.
The court ordered Lombe to pay K10,000 for damage payable in installments of K500 till he fully settles the amount.


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