Kabimba appeals for votes

WYNTER Kabimba.

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary-general Wynter Kabimba says the people of Kaoma and Western Province in general should reciprocate and support the ruling party to show appreciation for the development being delivered in the area.
Mr Kabimba said despite “feeling rejected” and having only two members of Parliament – Mongu Central and Nalolo – President Sata and his administration have extended an olive branch and continued to foster development in the province.
Mr Kabimba, who is also Minister of Justice, said this here yesterday when he paid a courtesy call on Chief Mwene-Mutondo of the Nkoya people.
He was in the company of Minister of Local Government and Housing Emmanuel Chenda and his deputy, John Kufuna.
The PF secretary-general is in the area to drum up support for PF candidate Rodgers Lingweshi in the August 19 Mangango Parliamentary by-election.
“President Sata is only human and he is not wrong to feel you people have rejected this party because I also feel the same.
“And yet even as we think like that, you can see the type of development that this Government has brought to this area. This Government means well,” he said.
Mr Kabimba said the people of Mangango should support the PF candidate in next week’s by-election so that the area can have more representation in Government and Parliament.
“So at the risk of campaigning to the royal establishment, I appeal that you should give us an MP who can become a minister so that together, we can develop this area,” Mr Kabimba said.
Mr Kabimba said PF is a young party and will continue to make efforts to grow and embrace all Zambians.
He said President Sata and his administration remain committed to developing the country.
The minister reiterated that Government will not undermine traditional authority in any chiefdom.
Mr Kabimba said even in the PF manifesto, it is stated that the traditional leadership will be a partner in national development.
“I know this has been said before under the previous government that the chiefs will be vehicles for development but we did not see that in practice.
“However, President Sata is among a few leaders who recognise the importance of their Royal Highness in the development of this country, hence we seek your co-operation,” he said.
And Chief Mwene- Mutondo has called for peace and unity in the by-election.
He said violence and confrontation are retrogressive to development.
The traditional leader said the policy of the royal establishment is to support the government of the day in a bid to foster national development.
“However, there is one thing that I want to tell you minister. People in your offices are the ones who destroy ruling parties.
“You people at the national level usually mean well but turbulence or trouble comes in at the local level,” he said.

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