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Kabangwe woman loses husband to sister

UNABLE to cope with what he termed as disrespect from his wife, a 36-year-old husband opted to leave his wife and marry his sister-in-law instead.
Peter Banda, of Kamwala Township told senior court magistrates Pauline Newa and Lewis Mumba that Alice Manda, 20; of Kabangwe area did not respect him as her husband.
Banda was narrating in a case in which he sued Manda for divorce after four years of marriage. The couple has one child. Bride price was paid.
“I used to love her very much but not anymore because of her behaviour. I want a divorce because I have another woman in my life. I can no longer be with Manda. Since she used to say I am a dog, I have left her so I can be with a fellow dog,” he said.
But Manda accused Banda of being a promiscuous man.
“He was never like this when we first started dating. Banda has changed especially after he got a job at Hybrid. When I was due to give birth, he sent me to stay with his relatives and started having extra-marital affairs. One day when I went to visit him I found he had brought in another woman in our home,”she said.
Manda who did not object to the divorce said Banda impregnated her when she was in grade 10 and then immediately married her.
“This man married me and then started mistreating me. We have been on separation since he decided to bring his sister-in-law into our matrimonial home. They are using all the household property we bought together. I just want this marriage to end so that I start a new life and live in peace,” she said.
The court granted divorce and ordered Banda to pay Manda K8,000 as compensation payable in K300 monthly instalments.
The court also ordered him to pay K500 monthly as child maintenance effective March monthend.

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