Letter to the Editor

K376.7 million for 5,400 health jobs timely

Dear editor,
I WISH to commend the members of parliament for approving K376.7 million supplementary budget for the Ministry of Health.

The money is meant for the recruitment of an additional 5,400 frontline medical personnel in 2017.
People should appreciate that the PF government has been building heath facilities country wide in line with the manifesto since 2011 and it is just proper that they are operationalised by taking on qualified medical personnel.
We have a lot of medical graduates awaiting postings and this move by Government to allocate funds is timely. Government should also release more funds to district health and education boards to clear all outstanding leave travel and other personal emoluments for teachers and others who went on leave as far back as 2008 in some cases.
Former ZNUT Chlilalabombwe branch chairman

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