K350,000 Kisalala health centre commissioned


GOVERNMENT has commissioned Kisalala Rural Health Centre in Chief Kapijimpanga’s area, which has been built at a cost of K350,000.
Speaking at the official opening of the clinic on Monday, North-Western Province Minister Dawson Kafwaya said Government is committed to the provision of balanced healthcare services to all Zambians.
Mr Kafwaya said the 650 health posts currently under construction attest to Government’s desire to give every citizen access to quality medical services. He said 74 of the health posts under the project will be built in North-Western Province.
“Solwezi is going to have eleven new health posts and as we are speaking now, nine are already at slab level, while foundations for the other health posts have already been done,” he said.
Mr Kafwaya said the project also aims at taking health services as closer to the communities as possible.
“This Government will continue to support such projects because a healthy country will easily prosper and develop. And with your help as members of the community, this Government will be able to do more,” he said.
The minister also urged the people of Kisalala to look after the new health facility and its staff well so that, together, they could provide quality health services.
“Please guard the clinic with all your hearts bearing in mind the sufferings you have gone through in terms of walking long distances to Kapijimpanga Rural Health Centre and St Francis Mission,” Mr Kafwaya said.
Meanwhile, provincial medical officer Simulyamana Choonga expressed concern at the escalating cases of malaria in Kisalala area.
Dr Choonga said Government has since distributed over 550, 000 insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITN) across the province.
He urged the people to ensure that they always sleep under INTs in order to reduce the malaria prevalence in the area.
He said the health of the community is fundamental to the development of any country.
And in a vote of thanks on behalf of his subjects, Chief Kapijimpanga commended Government for listening to the cries of the people in Kisalala by constructing a health post.
Chief Kapijimpanga also warned his subjects against witchcraft practices to encourage health personnel to continue working in their community.

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