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Juvenile releases 4wheel Drive

DANCEHALL artiste Owen Bwembya, aka Juvenile, has released his debut track called 4wheel Drive, which features the legendary K’millian.
The 27-year-old Copperbelt-based vocalist told the Weekend Mail in an interview the three-minute-and-48 seconds love song talks about “Love that is as strong as a 4wheel drive” vehicle.
Bwembya, also known as The Ferrari or The Kopala ghetto boy, describes the 4Wheel Drive track, which he wrote, as a must-listen-to song, which is already receiving airplay on various radio stations.
“I have been singing in the background since 2008, but I went on a break between 2010 and 2013 after my mama [mother] told me to go to school first.
“I graduated and now, back to my passion for music…I have released my first commercial must-listen-to song titled 4wheel Drive, which talks about the need to have a spouse or lover who will stand by you in all times, through thick and thin, like a four-wheel drive car which withstands a bad terrain,” the Afro-pop singer said.
He holds a professional diploma in marketing from Evelyn Hone College.
The rapper and music producer said he is humbled that the debut track, which was produced by Skillz of Phat Jam records, has been received well by his fans.
According to the artiste, 4wheel Drive, which flooded the market last month, has received over 4,000 downloads on the website.
“Marketing my song is going on well and I thank and give respect to hip-hop artiste Macky II for introducing me to this game [music industry] and I also pay tribute to my producer, Skillz, for the intense studio time,” the soft-spoken artiste, who was born and bred in Mindolo township, said.
And The Ferrari, who thanked his fans for their love and support, also revealed that he will this monthend release a video of 4wheel Drive.
“I will also release another song this monthend titled ‘Call Me’,” the Kopala ghetto boy said.
Bwembya said the track will feature a legendary hip-hop musician who remains a secret for now.

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