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More Jubilee babies please!

Dear Editor,
IF Zambia’s population continues to grow at the rate it is, most likely in the next Jubilee Zambians will be a minority in their own country. Just imagine, in 50 years of the country’s existence, we have only managed to add about 6 million people.
Many factors, like high infant mortality rates, economic challenges, medical reasons and careers, could be attributed for this ‘slow growth’. But if we are honest with ourselves, the slow growth rate is hugely because in modern society, having only 2 or 3 children is fashionable and economical. Please do not ask me how many children I have lest you judge me.
During this Jubilee let us reflect on the good Zambian values we have lost along the way, particularly the blessing of having many children (with one wife).
Having many children is both a biblical blessing and a Zambian culture. Blessed is a person who has his or her quiver (container) full of children (Psalms 127:4, 5). Children are not for wealth generation or mere prestige but fulfilling God’s dream for families.
Big families enjoy the warmth of togetherness, provide security, and avoid the loneliness which modern families are suffering from. Of course weird reasons for having children must be checked. For example, one woman who was giving birth to her eleventh baby in maternity ward confessed that she likes to be pregnant simply because her husband provides extra care for her and at least buys her wax chitenges and Hungarian sausages when she is pregnant.
Fellow Zambians, we have better reasons for having more children. Apart from the joy of having a new baby, we have a family and population to grow because majority implies dominance (Genesis 1:28). So, let us have more babies in the next 50 years.

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