Joyce set on journalism


Young & Ambitious:
WHILE other pupils are struggling with which career path to take once they complete secondary school, Joyce Banda has settled for Journalism.

Joyce, 19, a Grade 10 pupil at Lusaka Girls’ Secondary School, feels that she will greatly contribute to the media’s objective of informing, educating and entertaining.
“ I have always been inspired whenever I see presenters and news casters reading the news on television and this has motivated me to go and pursue journalism when I go to university or college, “she said.
The second-born in a family of four, Joyce works hard at school and studies every day in the early hours to improve her academic performance.
At school, she is member of the Junior Engineering and Technician Scientists (JETS) club.
“I read a lot of novels and other books during my free time, I also help my aunt do the general cleaning and other house chores. I like spending most of my time reading so that I improve my grammar and keep myself updated with current affairs,” Joyce explained.
Her favourite subjects are Physics, Mathematics, English, Civic Education and Geography while her hobby is swimming.
Raised by her aunt, Joyce believes that education is important as it opens one’s opportunities to great achievements in life.
She is of the view that young people must prioritise education if they are to achieve their future dreams.
“I believe that once one is educated, they will be able to acquire a skill which will enable them to survive and sustain their family. Life is usually difficult when one is not educated,” Joyce said with a smile.
She said she wants to become a bread winner and help uplift the status of her aunt. Joyce enjoys nshima with sausage.

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