Journey in search of oil in Gwembe Valley

A SAMPLE of the oily substance found at Jongola stream.

IT IS exactly 09:00 hours in Gwembe. The rains that had wreaked havoc in the district had fortunately taken a break at least for this day.
In the company of my colleague, Isaac Phiri, we managed to get to the district commissioners’ office, Mr Justus Phiri, early on a Monday morning.
Mr Phiri took time to de-brief us on the pros and cons concerning the errand we were about to undertake.
“The road to Chisanga village where suspected oil deposits are lying under the Jongola stream is not good,” he warned.
The road was a rugged dusty and meandering. There was no mobile phone services in the area ahead.
With a guide, Movious Munsaka, we set off for the wild.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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