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ANITA Siameja, a Kabwe mother, explaining to journalists at Kasanda Health Centre how she has come to appreciate the value of a birth certificate

Journalists receive training on COVID reporting


OVER 100 journalists countrywide have been trained in effective coverage of COVID-19.Dziwa Science and Technology Trust (DSaT) executive director Veronica Mwaba says the organisation and its partners are encouraging science and specialist reporting to help turn around the coronavirus situation.In a statement, Ms Mwaba said unverified information on the pandemic should not find space in the media as the 128 trained journalists are equipped with knowledge on the disease.“There will be more journalists in the field now to tell the COVID-19 stories than waiting for press releases, which in many cases go in a one-way fashion,” Ms Mwaba said.She also said networking and workshops have built capacity in reporters to counter
fake news.“As we embark on coronavirus vaccine campaigns, we are mindful that our communication outreach is informed by research,’’she said.Ms Mwaba said it is certain that digital media has changed journalistic work.Therefore,the team’s approach in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign will include other platforms for effective communication outreach with policy and key stakeholders on board.The stakeholders include Linking Science to Better Lives (LinkSS), in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Zambia National Public Health Institute, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services and Media Institute of Southern Africa.National Science and Technology Council also partnered with DSaT in orienting the 128 journalists.Zambia, which is experiencing the third wave,has not been spared from the ravaging effects of COVID-19 with more deaths and new infections. CLICK TO READ MORE