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Journalists’ financial knowledge vital

THE Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) has cited lack of in-depth understanding of the economic and financial knowledge among most journalists as a contributing factor to the hindrance in stimulating economic policy debates by stakeholders.
In this vein, ZIPAR and the Financial Sector Deeping Zambia (FSDZ) have organised a five-day workshop to promote in-depth and analytical news reporting for business journalist.
Officiating at the workshop, ZIPAR executive director Pamela Kabaso said promoting research and analytical news reporting among business journalists will help influence policy direction in an effective way.
Ms Kabaso said journalists need to take interest in economic policy developments in the country and facilitate policy dialogues among stakeholders that can enhance economic governance in the country.
“We want to promote economic and financial literacy, and our reason is simple. It is recognised and in fact proven by research that the media is the most efficient and effective avenue through which the masses can learn economics and finance,” she said.

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