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Journalism: My passion


Young & Ambitious:
SHE hates corruption and she wants to contribute to end the scourge by bridging the gap in the flow of information.
While others are suffering from indecision on which career path to take up once they complete their secondary education, Jane Mubanga, 18 a Grade 11 pupil at Chimpembe Secondary School in Kawambwa has decided to up journalism.
“Being a journalist has been my childhood dream, I hate corruption because of the adverse negative impacts on society. I feel there is lack of information in most of the people on this subject matter, I would also use my journalistic skills to educate and inform the public,” she said.
The first in a family of four, Jane likes reading story books and doing a lot of research on topics ranging from current affairs and politics to keep herself abreast with occurrences around the world.
In her free time, Jane likes watching basketball to lighten her mind after which she gets a book to study. Her favourite subjects at school are English and mathematics.
She does not leave anything to chance and always works very hard at school to ensure she gets good grades. Jane’s favourite meal is nshima with beans.
“The road to success is not an easy one, it has a lot of hurdles and it requires a lot of commitment. My aim is to get good results in the final examination so that it will be easy for me to be admitted to university,” she said.
Jane has advised her fellow pupils to work hard in life if they want to become successful. She urged them to always remember God and put everything in his hands.

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