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Join battle to end GBV for peace, stability in families

THE commemoration of activism, against gender-based violence (GBV) annually is cardinal and should be commended and emphasised, to remain as a milestone on everyone’s mind, just like the Independence Day. If we have to eradicate this evil which has attacked and robbed us of peace, unity, happiness and the future of many families these 16 days  must be commemorated.
The theme for this year 2014 is “from Peace in the home to Peace in the Nation”. The statistics of GBV cases reviewed nation-wide by the many sources, is so alarming and calls for all well-meaning Zambians especially the church to participate in the fight.  Just imagine if our Nation can record about 8000 cases of GBV within the first six months of 2014, then the situation is alarming. Definitely this shows that GBV is on the rise and poses great danger to the values of family, culture and national development.
Mental torture, abusive language, women or men battering and sexual abuse are forms of GBV which have sparked national and international outrage for quick action against these evil acts. Despite the recommendable efforts of anti-GBV advocates, the police victim support unity, the media, NGOs, music artist and concerned citizens to reform, many women, children and some men are still  trapped in this scourge. This signifies that the problem is far from being addressed.
The fact is when we do all it takes to combat the problem but still nothing seems to work, then just know that the solution is spiritual and I mean seeking the Lord God Almighty for solutions. With God there is nothing impossible, in fact He is the only one with the capacity to change the motives of someone’s heart and the attitudes of someone s mind.
Zambia is a Christian nation, whereby we must get used to back up everything we do with prayer and the word of God. Also we must demonstrate God’s love to one another and prove to be true disciples of law and order, to make Zambia peaceful and a better place for everyone. GBV is a serious problem and which attracts divorces, death and imprisonment.
Zambians are a lovely and a peaceful people and GBV is against our nature. We should never embrace, over look or protect any form of this evil but rather we must expose it and stop it before it gets worse. They say prevention is better than cure. Therefore do not wait until someone close to you or even yourself come to the reality of being a victim of GBV. Arise and stand up against GBV and save someone from destruction.
According to sources,  90 percent of the GBV cases are committed by young people and that the major cause in most marriages is the luck of finances, early marriages, luck of love and drunkenness. The bible says; wives should submit to their husband in everything Ephesians 5: 24 NIV.
Husband ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself Ephesians 5:28 NIV. This is a formula for a happy and healthy marriage. Therefore upholding the family morals should be the duty of every partner.
Massive door-to-door sensitisations and counseling against GBV, backed by national prayers, can make a significant impact in this battle. In every conflict, understanding, forgiveness and self-control are what counts. If only we can develop and up hold these qualities then they will be no more GBV. I believe there is always a solution to every problem and if it is not with human effort then it must be with the Lord Jesus Christ. Zambia shall be a GBV free National one day.
The author is an Apostle and counselor