Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection wants more from mines

THE Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) has called on Government to legislate corporate social responsibility (CSR) to allow, among others, mineral revenue

sharing mechanism to be implemented and channelled to local authorities hosting mining firms.
JCTR media and information officer Tendai Posiana said this would allow for local authorities to empower local communities with entrepreneurial skills as well as invest in the communities which will create the needed employment opportunities for the youths and women that are adversely affected by high costs of living.
Ms Posiana said in a statement yesterday that JCTR is of the view that once local authorities have the needed revenue to foster development and empower local communities, it will cushion the escalating cost of living, especially in Solwezi.
“Additionally, for the mining industry to be successful in the long term, they need to obtain the support of the communities in which they operate,” she said.
She said sound relationships and co-operation between the different stakeholders is essential for the sustainability of the mining sector.
Ms Posiana said JCTR has observed that human rights continue to take second place to profitability whilst corporate social responsibility remains a theoretical aberration.
She said CSR should be linked to the government’s broad development agenda and more specifically, its social development goals such as poverty reduction.
“Government has to create an environment where clear and meaningful partnerships are established with the private sector and civil society organisations,”
Ms Posiana said emphasized that the starting-point for CSR should be the host communities.

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