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JESSIE is currently on honeymoon following her wedding a fortnight ago.

Jessie for president

FILMMAKER Jessie Chisi will be contesting for the National Association for Media Arts (NAMA) chairmanship to be vacated soon by Patrick “Sauloshi” Salubusa.Jessie, who was one of the brains behind “Zuba”, confirmed this through a Facebook posting on her page.
“Sorry for late campaign as you may all know, I recently got married and am on my honeymoon but I will not let marriage stand in my way of my passion,” she wrote.
“I hereby inform you that I will be standing for the NAMA presidency and I am seeking your support.”
Jessie says she will focus on creating a sustainable industry, inclusiveness, rules and regulations of the industry, capacity building and facilitation of job creation within the industry,
“All forms of art not just film require sustainability and ways in which they bring money in people’s pockets. Film and many forms of art like dance, music, fashion, literature, and sculpture are a lucrative industry that requires integration and sustainability,” she said.
“If you choose me as your president, I will be the president of the people of all forms of art not just film. Together with the people, I will aim to create a system that best saves the artists.
“These systems are what will form sustainability. My duty will be to ensure that I create a level playground and create a system that will stir job creation, empower creatives, spin distribution and protect artists in their determination to be free artists.”
Jessie says there is need for rules and regulations in the industry to create a level playground in which people operate without limitation or intimidation.
“I would like to see a NAMA that is guided by policies that support and create sustainability for every artist,” she said.
Jessie also talked about jobs within NAMA.
“NAMA is an association. It will not create jobs but facilitate that very discipline of art creates jobs because I have realised that most artists are not getting paid for their work,” she said.
“As your president, I will ensure that we create ways for job conducive environments that will ensure that people are getting value for their various talents by engaging with relevant stakeholders.
“All forms of art create jobs but we need to create a system that ensure people are getting paid. I will introduce standards of payment, meaning each industry will have to abide to ways in which they treat artists.
“We do not need a government policy to create standards of how to treat human beings. Therefore I will struggle for the introduction of safeguarding mechanism on pay and benefits.”