JCTR welcomes aid for finance reform programme

THE Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) has commended Zambia’s co-operating partners for committing US$30 million to implementation of the first phase of the financial management reform programme.
The Department for International Development (DFID), Finland and the German Development Agency have provided funding for the programme.
JCTR executive director Leonard Chiti said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the development is welcome.
“This is a step in the right direction. Any attempt to improve financial management capacity in public finance is welcome.
“Government must not end at mere capacity building. We want results and not just good reports,” Fr Chiti said.
He hoped that the financial management reform programme will not be in futility by shelving the outcomes but will be a step in the right direction.
“As a nation, we need prudent financial management and institutions that can handle our money properly,” he said.
The programme is aimed at strengthening internal controls to reduce wastage, pilferage and misappropriation of public resources.