Jay Rox out of box again


AFTER two years of work, Jay Rox has finally released his fourth studio album titled Outside the Rox II.Jay Rox says the album addresses different life situations that young people are going through today.
“On this album, I’m talking about issues that young people are facing today. I talk about love but not from the perspective that a lot of people speak from, I talk about young people waking up and being able to prove themselves to the older generation that they’re able to do more than just point out mistakes,” he says.
“I’m talking about how young people can have a new society, change the way our minds operate and break these boxes that we’re locking ourselves in everyday. I also talk about race issue how we stereotype, just by looking at someone, we like to judge without giving them a chance to know them.
“I also talk about abusive relationships, how some women are in abusive relationships but those relationships are taking care of a certain part of their life like family, so I tackle some of these issues on the project.”
The 18-track album features Ammara Brown (Zimbabwe), Orezi (Nigeria), Stonebwoy (Ghana), Mumba Yachi (now based in Mokambo, Democratic Republic of Zambia) and local artistes Willz Mr Nyopole, Wezi and Cactus Agony.
Mumba Yachi features on Umwela while Ammara Brown is on the Shingo Beats-produced Uchi.
Jay Rox elaborates more on the album.
“I’m a young person in Africa, in Zambia and I’m able to see how bad this space is right now in the sense that for you to survive, you need to actually work so hard, and so many times we get so drained by certain situations that we have to go through as young people,” he says.
“I felt like young people needed a voice of positivity, that can give them hope for tomorrow, to help them understand that they are powerful, a voice that can let them go through self-discovery and rediscover themselves for them to stand and be able to look forward to tomorrow.”
Last week, Jay Rox released a video for a song titled Back Them which was shot by Fortress Media.
“Fans should expect more videos, I expect a lot of minds to change after people listen to the album,” he says. “They should expect all these things that I’ve shared. There’s a launch coming up in August,” he said.

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