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Izrael, Nalu birth ‘Si Manso’

NALU and Izrael on stage.

POWER couple Nalu and Izrael, have released a new love song together titled Si Manso, produced by Romaside Studios in Lusaka that talks about how a man (Izrael) falls in love with a woman (Nalu) not by her physical appearance

but her inner beauty.
The song was co-written by the two of them who also worked on another hit song Efindingile. But if you indeed you want to know what the two are capable of doing when they work together, then you have to go as far back as Nalu’s song House, Money, Car…, which was released under Mondo Music Corporation.
Their new song however is expected to be on their upcoming album which the couple envisage to be out by the end of the year.
“Well, when you listen to this song, it’s quite different from the other songs that we normally do, but it still carries a strong message because, to us, it is a true story,” Izrael, formerly Exile, told the Weekend Mail in an interview.
“I can say no one on earth knows me better than my wife, sometimes we just sit and come up with the song together. I have a strong bond with my wife, and it is very easy working with her than any other person, she knows what I want, and I know what she wants, in fact, I don’t need to pay her.”
In the song, Izrael appreciates her wife Nalu, he also thanks God for blessing him with a good woman while on the other hand, Nalu emotionally sings about how they have been through hard times but God has still sustained their relationship.
Nalu (Nalwamba Namukoko) and Izrael (Kangwa Kapamba) have been married for over a decade. Other than House, Money, Car…, they have other songs like Tikakumana, One Africa and Runaway.

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