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It’s time to work

FILE: PRESIDENT Lungu displays the 7 National Development Plan during the launch of the document in Lusaka. PICTURE: CHANDA MWENYA

LAUNCHING an ambitious document such as the Seventh National Development Plan (NDP) demonstrates political will to develop the country based on the targets set out

in the blueprint.
President Edgar Lungu has done just that by unveiling his administration’s desire to eradicate poverty and create quality jobs that will usher the country towards becoming a prosperous middle-income nation come 2030.
The document themed ‘Accelerating development efforts towards vision 2030 without leaving Anyone Behind’ is a milestone in Zambia’s quest for sustainable development.
The 7th NDP outlines Government’s desire to eliminate morbid levels of poverty, create jobs for its people and reduce inequalities.
Creatively linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), officially known as transforming our world, the successful implementation of the plan will also result in other key development outcomes such as enhanced human development and creation of a conducive governance environment.
Therefore, the 7th NDP is critical for the country’s development if implemented according to the way it has been planned.
Zambia has a huge developmental backlog despite the rapid infrastructure growth the country has seen in the past few years.
We are glad that Government has taken steps to come up with a development plan that is all-encompassing as it will not leave anyone behind.
The document, which had input from several stakeholders, has been well received by the country’s development partners.
We are glad that Government has launched a development plan that is multi-sectoral in nature and will link it to the successive budgets starting in 2018.
We call upon every citizen to read the document and digest its contents if the country’s desire to achieve the Vision 2030 is to be attained.
Like President Lungu said, the success in attaining the Vision 2030 lies in its implementation.
This calls for a change of mind-set and attitude by all citizens.
Successful diversification of our economy is feasible given our country’s rich natural resources and good weather.
An economy where value-addition and knowledge-based activities are deeply entrenched in line with the principles of a smart Zambia is feasible.
Zambia should emulate the Four Asian Tigers or Asian Dragons whose economies are highly developed because of commitment by its people.
Rwanda is also another example of a country that has developed within a short time because of its citizens’ tapping into the vision of its leader, Paul Kagame, and working together.
Zambia can and should succeed in this quest to develop every sector and corner of the country ‘without leaving anyone behind’.
This calls for unity of purpose. It calls for the shedding of political cloaks and donning national ones to ensure that every citizen pulls in the same direction. It calls for accountability of time and resources. It calls for commitment to duty.
The plan should not only be acquired, but it must also be read and understood. Most importantly, it must be implemented.
It’s indeed time to work.

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